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Subject #6: Pagaripoisid Cookies

I was excited to find these cookies in the Kaubamaja grocery store last month because they’re actually made in Estonia, right here in Tallinn. All the other cookies I’ve sampled (other than the ones I’ve made, of course) were packaged products made elsewhere. I love that the name of the product is still “Cookies”, in English (which goes to show that chocolate chip is clearly THE quintessential cookie). These cookies had an expiration date of one month from the day I bought them, so I can only hope that these were fresh, made that day or the day before.


There were two cookies in the plastic container. The cookies are round domes, with none of the cragginess I love on chocolate chip cookies. Still, I had hope that maybe the fresh cookies would have a slightly chewy interior, or at least, you know, something good about them.


Yeah… not so much. Both the texture and taste of the cookie is chalky and floury, completely plain, with no buttery or caramelized flavors at all. The chocolate bits, which aren’t even real chocolate (ingredients: sugar, vegetable oil, cocoa (17%), soy lecithin), are surprisingly crunchy and add some texture and sweetness, but still nothing in the way of richness. Oh well. It’s nice that Pagaripoisid attempted the product, but as far as chocolate chip cookies go, they have a lot to learn.

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