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More Finnish food

Day 1 of NaBloPoMo, a full month of posting every day! Here goes nothing.

When we were in Finland 2 weeks ago visiting J’s parents, they made my absolutely favorite meal from past Finland trips— smoked fish with potatoes, creamed spinach, and some other sides. This time the fish was salmon, smoked outside in a special setup constructed by J’s dad. As usual, it was amazingly moist and delicious.

Not every meal we ate in Finland was homemade and wholesome. Some evenings we were in the city or shopping and chose to indulge in some of the finest fast food Finland has to offer. On our first night in Finland, when we were still traveling towards the north, the weather forced us to stop and spend the night at a friend’s place. We went and got dinner from a tiny local pizza joint.

Pizza is huge in Finland, but I’m not sure how to describe it. It has a thin crust and the most popular toppings are ham, pineapple, mushrooms, and blue cheese, but some also have stuff like shrimp or ground meat on them. Pretty much all the small pizza places have the same prices and quality (plus they are EVERYWHERE), so it’s a good reliable way to get a bite to eat.

Another evening, while shopping in Oulu, we stopped for some kebab. Check out how huge my kebabrulla was:

The flatbread filled with kebab meat, salad and sauce was seriously as long as the entire placemat. There was no way I could finish it all myself, but luckily I had J to help me. I don’t eat greasy, meaty things very often, but from time to time it really hits the spot.

Speaking of meaty, another evening J was craving a hamburger from a drive-through burger shack. I went for a chicken sandwich myself.

Rectangular chicken patty on a round bun. Awesome.

I love the top bun in the middle of J’s burger.

They were your typical non-chain fast food burgers, smothered in plenty of mayonnaise-based sauce. I know it’s not “real food”, but I can’t deny that I kinda liked it.

I’d also like to point out that it wasn’t a lazy vacation by any means– we spent a ton of time out in J’s parents’ yard, gathering up leaves and chopping and stacking wood. It’s nice to be able to help them out (since, as stated many times before, they keep us very well fed!) and enjoyable to spend time outside. I know yard work can get really annoying after a while, but for us apartment-dwelling city folks, it was actually quite refreshing and fun.

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