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Time to start planning

Every Christmas I’ve had since I moved to Estonia has been different. Three years ago my mother, father and sister were all here for Christmas. The year after that my mother was able to visit before Christmas and Christmas Eve was spent with J and my sister. Last year I had my very first Finnish Christmas, spending the holiday with J’s family in Finland. For this year we knew that we wouldn’t be able to go to Finland again (as we just went in October) and my family wouldn’t be able to make it to Estonia, so we got the idea to invite J’s parents, brother and brother’s girlfriend to come spend Christmas in Tallinn with us. Today they confirmed that they’re all coming– time to start planning! J’s parents are very set in their Christmas traditions, celebrating in their own home every year, so I know it might be a little hard for them to be away from home and do something new. I want to make this Christmas amazing– a good mix of Estonian and Finnish Christmas traditions and foods that’ll be cozy and fun for our out-of-town guests. J and I have never hosted a family holiday before, so it’ll definitely be a learning experience with quite a bit of stress involved, but I’m so excited to get started!

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