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Sorry I’m not sorry

Inspired by some blog entries I’ve seen recently based on the idea of “sorry I’m not sorry“, I have something I’d like to get off my chest.

On so many food blogs the blogger will write things like “Sorry about the flash photo!” or “Blech, I hate flash”. Statements like that used to make me feel a twinge of embarrassment for posting so many flash photos when it’s such a faux pas in the food blog world. But y’know what? I’m not a great photographer and I lack a good camera. I don’t think I have the best eye, and I’ll readily admit it. Sometimes in order to get a decent photo, I have to use flash, and personally, I think that’s OK. In fact, I even like some of the photos I take with flash. It may be the enemy of experienced photographers, but it often helps me get, in my opinion, a better photo (and yes, it totally washes out and ruins some photos too, but not all of them). That’s what I wanted to say today: I am a food blogger and I’m sorry I’m not sorry that I post close-up photos of food taken with a flash.

There, I feel much better now :-).

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