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It’s a good thing I posted after work yesterday, since we ended up getting home just minutes before midnight last night. If I hadn’t yet posted, I would have been freaking out that NaBloPoMo would be ruined on Day 5 :-).

We had a fun evening with my isa (“father” in Estonian). First of all he gave us the stuff he’d brought us from the States (much of it was stuff we’d bought ourselves, but our suitcases were too heavy to bring it all back). There were also some extra treats thrown in, like these:

Candy corn, yay!!

And also this hilarious mug:

“Living with a Finn Builds Character”. Hehe…

My mother knows a guy who does work for cosmetics companies (he’s a really “manly” guy, too, into hunting and grilling), and he periodically gets bagfuls of products for free, which he then distributes to his family, friends, etc. It’s a little disappointing that I’ve never been around when he comes to give out free stuff, but last time he did my mother grabbed a bunch of stuff for me!

This isn’t even all of it!

Lipsticks, a few different mascaras, two shimmery eyeshadow duos, liquid eyeliner, shower gel… I felt like a kid at Christmas! Makeup is so expensive that it’s really cool to get some stuff for free. I love my mom!

After we’d gotten our haul back to our apartment, my dad wanted to go eat in the year-old Solaris shopping centre. I told him the food options there– Vapiano, the international Italian fast food chain; Lido, the Latvian buffet-style restaurant; and Komeet, a cafe backed by Anni Arro, one of Estonia’s celebrity chefs.

Isa opted to take us to Komeet, where I had the most delicious salad ever. I’m sad to say I didn’t have my camera with me, but I had the salad with grilled goat cheese and bell peppers. Green lentils, hummus and oven baked beetroot. Genovese pesto dressing. It was pretty much a pile of my favorite delicious things: mixed greens on the bottom, lentil salad, beets, roasted red peppers, and garlicky homemade hummus crowned with a crunchy piece of toast topped with an enormous, melted round of goat cheese. YUM. Every bite was delicious– some sweet and sharp from red peppers, some earthy from lentils, some creamy with goat cheese. I will definitely be going back to Komeet again for that salad.

After dinner we spontaneously decided to go to the movies to see Red (21:45 showing), so that’s why we made it home around midnight. We also decided that tomorrow we’re going to Helsinki for the day– my isa hasn’t been to Finland in a while and wanted to go. But don’t worry, I’ll definitely still post tomorrow!

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