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I’ve told you all before that my typical lunch during the work week is a salad, a mess of veggies with some beans or some kind of grain to add bulk and some protein. At the beginning of November J and I decided to really focus on healthy foods and getting into a steady exercise routine this month so that we’re in a healthier place with good habits when the holiday parties start next month. I have to admit that I’ve been slacking in my running, now that it’s dark when I get home from work plus it rains a lot. But since November started I’ve been trying to run at least three times a week, and one step J has made is to start eating a salad for lunch, like me. Since I get out all the veggies to make a salad every night anyway, I’ve started to make lunch for both us. I kind of enjoy it and I think J does too :-).

Last week we decided to just have leftovers for lunch on Friday, but even so J looked in the fridge on Friday morning and said in dismay, “Where’s my salad??” It’s nice to know that my man loves his lunch salad so much that he was sad when it wasn’t in the fridge waiting for him! 🙂 But I honestly do  love the fact that he eats vegetables and agrees to engage in games like “let’s get a vegetable we don’t usually eat from the store this week”. So many people have to deal with picky partners or “meat and potatoes” men, so I’m grateful to have a guy who actually does enjoy healthy foods and isn’t afraid to try new things (though he does still love his meat and potatoes too)!

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