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Woman of my word

Since I declared my intention to purchase and roast a pumpkin this weekend, and my readers promised to keep me accountable, guess what? I actually went out and did it!

I was following the Pioneer Woman‘s directions. She says to choose a smaller pumpkin over a bigger one, but this was honestly the smallest one they had in the store (5.5 kilos, or 12 lbs). I was surprised by how easy it was to scrape out the seeds and stingy parts. I cut the pumpkin into chunks and while I roasted the first pan-full at 180-200 C, I sorted through the insides and picked out the pumpkin seeds. My hands cramped up from pinching the seeds and trying to extract them from the slimy, sticky innards.

I’ll let the seeds dry out overnight, and tomorrow I’ll roast them. After about 45 minutes in the oven, the pumpkin chunks were fork-tender. I let them cool a bit before separating the flesh from the skin, and then I tossed the pumpkin pieces into my little food processor.

The pumpkin puree came out quite watery, so I’m draining it a few cups at a time in a colander lined with a paper towel.

It’s been a year since I tasted canned pumpkin puree so it’s hard to say how this stacks up. The taste is quite squashy, but I guess that’s normal, right? I think the true test will be when I use it to make something, like pumpkin muffins or pumpkin pie. I’m hoping I’ll have time to bake something tomorrow– if I do, I’ll definitely let you know!

Edited to add: In case anybody’s wondering, after draining the excess liquid out, I got about 8 cups of pumpkin puree from the 12-lb pumpkin.

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