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S’mores candy

Last week I went to ask my co-worker a question and she pointed to a box on her desk, saying “Take one!” She’d just returned from a work trip to the United States and came back with a box of Nancy Adams S’mores candies. She asked if I’d ever tried them before and I said no, not in candy form, as s’mores are usually the kind of thing you make yourself– start with one graham cracker (which is more like a cookie), place a square of chocolate on it, roast a marshmallow over a fire and then put it on the chocolate, which will melt, and top it all off with another cracker like a sandwich.

The candies have a thick graham cracker base topped with two marshmallow rounds, all coated in milk chocolate. To be honest, it wasn’t great. I don’t usually enjoy the texture of marshmallow candies, as they have the texture of a firm foam. The chocolate coating was also way too sweet and milky. I ended up only eating the graham cracker base, which was appropriately crumbly with a slight buttery taste. S’mores are so much better homemade. They’re incredibly sweet by nature, but it help swhen you’re able to toast the marshmallow yourself and get some char on it– it improves both the texture and the flavor immensely!

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