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I’m starting to feel like I don’t eat enough food to be able to blog about it every day. I mean, I do EAT enough, it just doesn’t always seem blog-worthy. I also have ideas for some longer posts, but haven’t had time to write them.

Last night I talked to my mother over Skype (we hadn’t talked since the end of August… how did I go so many weeks without talking to my mother?? I mean, we exchanged emails in the interim, but still. Time flies by way too fast). I also got to say hi to my sister’s lovely puppy, Guinness, via webcam.

When we left the States in August, this lovely beast still weighed in at under 80 lbs (36.3 kg). Do you want to know how much he weighs now? According to the scale at the vet’s, 107 lbs (48.5 kg)!! He’s growing up to be one big dog. I miss him! I absolutely love animals, and here’s a fun fact about me– I seriously considered studying to become a vet (I finally decided against it during my junior year of college). I would love to have a pet to call my own, but considering our lifestyle right now (small apartment in the city, traveling for long periods of time), the time just isn’t right. Someday, though.

A photo from the summer: here’s what happens when you try to do Pilates with a hyper black lab nearby. It was quite hard to focus with him rolling around next to me, trying to push me off the mat :-). I definitely got more of an ab workout from laughing so hard than from the Pilates itself!

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