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It’s glögg season!

Today was the first significant snowfall of the season in Estonia. There’s something so wonderful about the first snow coming, since it brings some brightness to the long, dark nights (and the cloudy days). So many times at work today I found myself just staring out the window at the gently falling snow and the white-coated branches on the trees, feeling excited about Christmas and the season in general. Appropriately enough, today I also had my first glögg of the season! Glögg is red wine gently heated with various spices and citrus peels, and it is most definitely one of my favorite things about the winter. You can really only drink it when it’s cold enough outside– hot wine in any weather seems gross. But when it’s dark and bitterly cold and you need something to bring some life back into your fingers and your soul, glögg is the best thing ever. I already can’t wait for my next glass…

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