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Snacky dinner

Ever since I posted about this hummus appetizer platter I had for dinner at a bar in Philly this summer I’ve been dreaming about having another dinner like that. Today I finally did, with a few modifications from the original. May I introduce to you our pan-European appetizer-style dinner:

The stars of the show were reindeer pâté from Finland, homemade Mediterranean hummus, and toasted Georgian lavash bread, along with a bunch of veggies, olives, and some small chunks of blue cheese and brie we needed to use up. I got the reindeer pâté as a gift from J’s parents ages ago but have never gotten around to opening it. This meal seemed like the perfect excuse.

I was really hoping I’d like it. See, I can’t stand the taste of liver, which is a major ingredient in pâté. Since reindeer meat is listed before reindeer and pork liver on the label, I was sincerely thinking that maybe it would taste more like reindeer than like liver. Then I would like it, since reindeer is delicious.

Unfortunately, the liver taste is still totally there. It’s muted by the meaty taste at first, but then there’s no denying the liver aftertaste. I bravely ate one lavash wedge smeared with the pâté, then left the rest of it for J while I went to town on the freshly made hummus. Today’s batch was outstanding, I think thanks to the healthy dose of fresh lemon juice I added.

I was slightly worried that J wouldn’t like the idea of veggies, bread and spreads as a dinner or that he wouldn’t find the meal satisfying enough. Luckily, though, he’s a snacker like me and he loved the idea of a snacky dinner. Both of us were full and happy when we finished, so I think there are more of these fun meals in our future.

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