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My first scones

If anybody was wondering what those ugly golden-brown lumps in yesterday’s post were, here’s your answer: they’re pumpkin scones, made with this recipe (without the glaze).

Food styling fail– the nicer ones are in the back and the ugliest one is closest to the camera.

This was my first time ever making scones. I don’t know what took me so long, because I adore them. Since I have a good amount of pumpkin puree in my freezer waiting to be used, pumpkin scones seemed liked a good idea.

The dough came out really sticky, and since scones are all about texture I didn’t want to do anything that could mess them up, such as add more flour or handle them too much. So I just cut the dough into rough triangles and plopped them on the baking sheet just as they were, not even attempting to smooth out their tops or anything.

Apparently I did something right, because the scones were wonderful! The firm, crusty exterior gives way to the soft and crumbly insides and releases the lovely scent of pumpkin pie spice. I wonder whether the people sitting next to me at the Harry Potter movie last night noticed when I pulled one out of my purse and started nibbling on it. (Scones make delightful movie snacks, by the way. You should try it!)

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