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I really should have taken a picture today of how much snow we’ve gotten, but every time I’ve been outside there’s been a frigid wind blowing snow all over the place and I’m afraid to take my camera out. Oh well. Just believe me when I say that the weather has been harsh. It’s not even that cold, but the blasts of icy-cold wind are pure evil, especially when they drive icy pellets of snow against your exposed face.

But the last few days have been filled with good food and great company, so I really can’t complain :-). Last night I joined my friend Siret, her mother and her mother’s fiancee for dinner at Komeet (again!). It’s funny that in the first year Komeet was open I never set foot in the place, and now in the past month I’ve been there four times. Looks like it’s becoming a new favorite!

This time I ordered what was actually my first choice for dinner when we came with my dad: baked eggplant and goat cheese with portobello mushroom and lentil salad. They had run out of it last time, which led me to order the amazingly delicious lentil-hummus-beet-goat cheese salad instead.

The presentation certainly was lovely. There were rounds of eggplant topped with goat cheese on the left, half of a large portobello mushroom cap topped with crispy breadcrumbs on the right, and a bed of lentil salad topped with some kind of tomato sauce and some roasted root vegetable (rutabaga, maybe?). All of the components were good, but I have to say I preferred the goat cheese salad I had last time since it was easier to get a little bit of everything in each bite. In this meal there were way more lentils than anything else– they kind of dominated the dish. After dinner I stole bites of others’ desserts– the carrot roll with cottage cheese and cranberry filling and the cream-cheese basket with sea buckthorn and blueberries. Neither of these desserts was too sweet, which was an issue I had with the desserts we’d ordered with my dad.

I had dinner with them again today, and J joined us as well. We went to the casual Italian chain Vapiano, which I’ve been to many times but never actually blogged about (oops, I guess I should’ve taken a picture before digging into my pizza tonight!). I savored my Pizza Rucola that had so many greens on it that it was like pizza and a salad all in one, and after our relaxing dinner Siret and I scurried off to the bookstore to get some postcards to send to our group of friends back home. I miss all those girls so much! It’s been so much fun having Siret visit for a few days. With her, as with all of my close friends, I know that whenever I see them again we can immediately start talking and having fun right where we left off last time.


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