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Subject #13: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

This recipe has been all the rage on food blogs over the past few weeks. There’s a woman in California called Annie the Baker who makes and sells fat little cookies that remain soft and dough-like in the center even after being baked. A cookie with the texture of dough? That sounds perfect to me, as I am always guilty of stealing many bites of cookie dough from the mixing bowl, raw eggs be damned. Many bloggers that have sampled these cookies set out to re-create the recipe at home, and I chose to follow the recipe formulated by Diana at The Chic Life. I made one substitution that also violates my usual code as a chocolate chip cookie purist– instead of chocolate chunks, I opted to chop up 2 generic Snickers-type bars. I thought this kind of fun cookie needed a fun mix-in! I hope you all forgive me for still filing these under chocolate chip ;-).

Choco Nut– generic Snickers-like candy bars

One key step in achieving the proper texture in these cookies (and ensuring they don’t spread too much while baking) is refrigerating the dough before scooping it out. Our fridge was a little crowded today, so I put the bowl of cookie dough by the open window in our bedroom instead.

I scooped out the chilled and very stiff dough with my measuring tablespoon, as it has a nice round shape. Then I rolled the balls with my hands to make them even rounder.

With the first batch I discovered that the bits of candy bar close to the surface began to melt rapidly and molten caramel and nougat flowed out of the cookies. Not a tragedy, it just made them a little ugly. With the second batch I tried to make sure the candy pieces were all covered with a layer of dough so they wouldn’t have opportunity to leak out in the hot oven.

This is a pretty cookie, but you can see some of his leaky companions around him.

The finished result was definitely addictive. The texture was spot-on– they really do feel like thick, chewy cookie dough in a crispy cookie shell. However, the taste of the cookie itself falls a little flat. It’s like a plain sugar cookie without much butteriness or complexity. Next time I would add some more vanilla and probably a bit more salt as well. That being said, I definitely will be making these again, since they’re fun and something a little different from the usual large, flat chocolate chip cookies.

Hey, remember the other when I mentioned we’ve gotten a bunch of snow already? For your viewing pleasure, here are a a few pix I snapped while walking home from the gym today.

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