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I did it!

Holy crap– for the first time ever I actually completed National Blog Posting Month successfully! It’s a miracle. Perhaps I should wait until tomorrow to celebrate, but who are we kidding– after 30 days straight, you know I won’t be posting tomorrow ;-). It wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated once I got used to brainstorming ideas and taking and uploading photos almost every day. I lucked out with the fact that I had a few visitors this month, because their food gifts plus the dinners we had out provided me with a lot of bloggable subject matter. If it had been a month where we ate at home every night, it would’ve been harder to keep it interesting.

I hope this month of blogging helped to establish some good habits so that I’ll keep blogging consistently during this month before Christmas, letting you know what I’m baking and how our plans for hosting Christmas are going. I also plan to do a longer “About me” post. I made a few little changes to the “About me” page already, but there are more to come.

To anyone who was reading this month, thanks so much for sticking with me!!

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