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One week until Easter. One week until I can once again eat candy and all things chocolate. I’m not gonna lie, the cravings are severe. I thought after a few weeks of not eating something you sort of “get it out of your system”, but no, the further I get into Lent, the more intense my cravings for chocolate are. Maybe it’s because I’m still eating things that contain sugar so I’m still getting sugar cravings that are all focused on the kind of sweets I’m not allowed to have. It’s driving me crazy because the cravings are so specific that trying to substitute some other sweet treat — a few dates or a plain vanilla-flavored biscuit — does nothing for them. Often the sweet things I have available to me don’t seem appealing at all. This frustration just reinforces my belief that the best way to eat is “everything in moderation”. Giving up candy and chocolate for Lent was an exercise in discipline, not an experiment to better my health, so I’m going to hang in there for this last week, then go back to my normal, moderate way of eating. Which will, at least next Sunday, probably include milk chocolate butterscotch Easter eggs…

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