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I am really glad this week is over (no work tomorrow because of Good Friday — hooray!!). Even though it was a short week, the stress made it feel endless. I had about a million different appointments. I found out that I’ll be going to St. Petersburg for two weeks in November for work (this terrifies me). Within the next two weeks at work I have a pretty intense exam and five different training sessions to attend (two of which will be crash courses in Russian, which will hopefully make the prospect of going to Russia slightly less scary. I hope to learn the Cyrillic alphabet and how to ask “Does anybody here speak English?”). I have an essay to write (this is voluntary, but I’d really like to enter this essay contest). Next weekend is one of the biggest party weekends of the year in Estonia, but I probably won’t be able to partake because the aforementioned exam is three days later.

In short, I’m really grateful for this three-day weekend, since I’ll have time to both relax and do some productive things (write and study) before diving into all this craziness. We started it off right — J cooked up some tenderloin with a cream sauce and I roasted potatoes. Is there anything more delicious than potatoes roasted with olive oil and a little salt? This pan also included a chopped onion. Definitely one of my favorite comfort foods, and necessary on a night like tonight.

And speaking of comfort foods, only two more days without chocolate! You better believe I’ll be eating an all-chocolate diet on Sunday (just kidding. I think).

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