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Impossible not to

I’ve never given much thought to the British royal family, but it was impossible not to get a little swept up in all the excitement of the royal wedding today. I’m glad I live in a time zone that’s two hours ahead of London, so I didn’t have to wake up ridiculously early to watch coverage or anything. I was able to check it out in the middle of the work day (everyone at my work was watching!), seeing the most important moments– the bride’s arrival at the Abbey, walking down the aisle, the vows, and later also their kiss. I have to say that I particularly enjoyed the moment when Kate was walking down the aisle and Harry turned around to get a look at her and then whispered something to his brother, who was dutifully facing the altar. That was cute. Now if, years from now, somebody asks if I was watching when Will and Kate got married, I can say that I was. (Fun fact: If it ever comes up in trivia, I can answer the question “What day did Diana marry Prince Charles?” in a heartbeat, because it happens to be the same day my brother and a good friend of mine were born, July 29 1981).

Anyway, all this talk about the royal wedding (and the royal wedding digestive biscuit cake!) had me craving digestive biscuits, which have long been a favorite of mine. So I picked some up after work and had my own little wedding cake-inspired snack — a digestive biscuit with a bit of Nutella. Mmm… a very sweet day, indeed.

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