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I’m not going to lie– I am really excited to be able to eat candy again this weekend. I could continue to live without chips, crackers, burgers, and packaged cookies, but candy… I just can’t quit it.

Yesterday I was doing some shopping to buy gifts for our upcoming trip to the States. Feeling somewhat frustrated (my mother has requested several CDs that nobody is selling anymore), I ducked into the Kalev candy store in one of Tallinn’s main shopping centers, Viru Keskus. Kalev is the biggest and most famous Estonian candy company and they make some delicious confections. I promise I’m not just saying that because I’m biased in favor of all things made in Estonia– their stuff really is tasty and of good quality. Anyway, in my shopping-frustrated and candy-deprived state, I was a candy marketer’s dream. As soon as I saw this package, I knew it would make the perfect Easter gift… for myself.

These cake-flavored chocolates are brand new, but part of the Désirée line, from which I’ve tried other products. Initially the line consisted of bars with coffee-flavored fillings– the dark chocolate bar was Espresso and I believe the milk chocolate bar was Cafe Latte, which would make sense.

So having tried (and loved) the creamy, rich Espresso bar, I’m really curious as to how these cake-flavored chocolate candies are going to be. The flavor strikes me as kind of funny– somehow making something cake-flavored seems so American, and yet I don’t believe there are any cake-flavored candies in America (but who knows– I’ve been gone for so long, maybe there are now).  If these really good, I may have to “export” some over there myself.


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