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For my attempt to eat a diet higher in raw foods for a few days, I wanted to create a substitute for my usual (processed) peanut butter. So I took 150 grams of unroasted almonds, put them in my little food processor, and with a bit of patience got them from this:

to this!

It does take a pretty long time to achieve this texture. I would say that it’s creamy, but not soft. It’s quite stiff, almost like halvah or something. I added a pinch of salt and a splash of vanilla extract for flavor. I’ve never been a fan of natural nut butter (where the oil separates from the butter and you have to stir it back in), but it seems like I am a fan of the stuff I make myself :).

So far I’ve eaten this almond butter with banana as a snack, and I added a spoonful to my fruit smoothie this morning for protein and staying power. I also used it as a component of my dinner last night. I used the almond butter as a base for the peanut-sesame sauce I like (added rice vinegar, soy sauce, fresh ginger, chopped green chili, toasted sesame oil and a bit of honey), and instead of serving the sauce over noodles, I poured it over strips of carrot, cucumber and bell pepper (made with a vegetable peeler). I topped it all with green onions and sesame seeds. To be honest, I was skeptical that this bowl of mostly carrots would be a satisfying dinner, but it was! The flavor of the sauce was so good and I enjoyed my crunchy “noodles”.

When I described this dish to J, he said he’d be interested in trying it too! It’s funny that I decided to do this raw experiment when he’s out of town because I didn’t want to inflict any “weird” food on him, but actually I’m discovering that these raw meals are fantastic and satisfying, and things that I’m eager to make for him as well!


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