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Halloween fun

Happy Halloween! Last night J and I attended a Halloween party hosted by an American friend of ours. Halloween still isn’t a very big deal here in Estonia, but we love having the opportunity to wear costumes and hang out with friends. J had so much fun being a zombie last year he went for the same basic concept this year, with a twist. Meet J the redneck farmer zombie:

He looked great in his plaid shirt, bib overalls (both purchased for super cheap from a secondhand store) and Coors Light cap. He even won the prize for best costume at the party we attended.

I know it’s not very original, but this year I decided to be Lady Gaga. I was going for the look in this photo:

Here’s me:


Unfortunately, with my all-black outfit and extreme black eye makeup I ended up looking more like the lost female member of Kiss than Lady Gaga :-D. I think my outfit was lacking Gaga’s truly insane style, but that’s OK. I still had fun doing my makeup and wearing fake lashes for the first time ever!

There was plenty of fun food at the party to help us get our requisite Halloween sugar high.

In the foreground is the snack I made– Kass Arturi kook, which is sort of the Estonian equivalent of rice crispy treats. They’re made by stirring plain corn-based puffs into melted butter and caramel, the shaping the whole mess into a log and cutting it into slices. Somebody else made the chocolate chips cookies, and if you look all the way in the back, you’ll see that we had some veggies too.

Popcorn balls! (Except they all kind of melted together into one giant mass). Popcorn with marshmallow, M&M’s and chopped-up Snickers. So chewy and good.

There was also a spooky punch bowl filled with Halloween-themed toys. Definitely a successful Halloween party! We had a great time hanging out with our friends (who last night included a witch, a Scotsman, a pirate, Ugly Betty, and a mime :-)).

As it is the last day of October, it means that National Blog Posting Month– otherwise known as NaBloPoMo– starts tomorrow. I have tried to complete a month of daily blogging twice already and both times (!) messed up because of the same stupid error: failing to hit “publish”. After the second time this happened I was so frustrated, so I hope my brain doesn’t fail me again this year. I’ve been wanting to make some changes to the blog anyway, so hopefully this month of blogging will give me the motivation to carry out those changes.


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All dressed up for Halloween

As promised, here are some pictures of mine and J’s Halloween costumes. I’ll go first, although you won’t recognize who I’m supposed to be unless you’re familiar with Nordic children’s literature.


If you do happen to know Muumi (the Moomins)and his group of friends, then hopefully you can tell that I was dressed up as Little My (Väike My in Estonian and Pikku Myy in Finnish).


And then there was J.


He decided pretty quickly that he wanted to be a zombie, and he wanted to use real blood in his costume (and of course I mean pig’s blood, NOT human). It was surprisingly difficult to find, and although he was finally able to locate some– begging a free bag from the butchers at the central market– he realized that it might not be safe to put on his face. So, relax– that stuff all over his face is NOT real blood (he used it to create the brownish stains on his shirt). Creating fake blood took some problem-solving skills, since every single fake blood recipe we found on the internet called for food coloring. Guess what they don’t carry in Rimi, our neighborhood grocery store? That’s right. So there I was in the store on Halloween, trying to think of a substitute, something else that could dye things red. I ended up grabbing the reddest thing I could think of– marinated beets.

PA311676-1Blood-making station

The “recipe” J ended up using borrowed components from a few different ones we’d read on the net. He started with dark syrup and beet juice, but it was too pink, so I suggested cocoa powder to help get a browner tone. A little bit of cornstarch was thrown in as thickener, and voila– gross, sticky, convincing, and totally edible (albeit funny-tasting) fake blood.

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Halloween at our place

Like I mentioned last year, Halloween is not a big deal in Estonia. But we still like it, so this year we figured we could make Halloween happen by having it at our apartment. It was fairly last-minute– we sent the invitation out less than a week before– but I think we pulled it off very nicely :-).

J took care of decorations. I love the fact that even though he didn’t have the experience of carving a jack’o’lantern until he was 25 years old, he still really wanted to do it this year. He got two small pumpkins from the central market in Tallinn, and carved one in the same style as he did his first-ever pumpkin:


and one with a slight variation:


I love the fangs! I think they look very spider-esque. And the red smeared all over is red candle wax, which added a particularly creepy touch.

I, of course, was in charge of food. I decided to try my hand at these vampire cookies from Baking Bites. Not only were they fun to make, but they also tasted amazing– a basic butter cookie surrounding a pocket of raspberry jam. Luckily our guests liked them too :-).


For the rest of the food, I kept it pretty simple. I put out some veggies and dip with creepy carrots “fingers” emerging from it, mozzarella-olive “eyeballs”, candy corn (which my mother sent to me again this year– thank you ema!!!), orange slices, guacamole, and some little “dirt cups”.



We lit some candles, turned off the lights, played some scary movies in the background (well, not that scary– the ones we ended up watching in their entirety were Scream and Shaun of the Dead), and that was it– the makings of a casual, fun Halloween party for grownups (or, you know, grownups who still like to dress up in costumes once a year). I’ll share pictures of our costumes tomorrow!

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Happy Halloween!

I was struck with a brilliant idea for what to dress up as last night for Halloween. I don’t know why I’d never thought of it before. Ready?… I dressed as a maasikas (strawberry)! It wasn’t the most cleverly implemented costume, as it consisted of a red shirt, green pants, a green sunhat that my friend AJ wore last year for Halloween when he was a pumpkin, and some strawberry seeds cut from paper (they should’ve been smaller, but I didn’t have time to re-do them).I don’t have any pictures right now, but when I do, I’ll post them.

(EDIT: Here’s a pic of me in my costume!)

Halloween isn’t a big deal in Estonia. A few shops sell some costume pieces and jack’o’lantern knick-knacks, and I think it may be gaining popularity among children. But adults dressing up? That’s definitely not common. So it was fun to attend a little party last night of both Estonians and non-Estonians, with some people celebrating their first Halloween in their first Halloween costume– everyone looked great and seemed to have a great time (though the Halloween mix that included “Werewolf in London” and “Monster Mash” seemed to miff a few people 😀 ).

The reason I’m posting at 8 am before I rush off for the weekend is because I decided to attempt to participate in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), in which you attempt to post every day for a month. You know, because I’m soooo good at posting regularly. I’ll give it a shot. Wish me luck!

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