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Best tea ever

My current favorite tea came back from London with me after my most recent trip. I had already purchased two teas that I thought were interesting — a mango-flavored green tea and a vanilla-flavored white tea — so it was almost as an afterthought that I grabbed a box of plain old rooibos tea bags (Tick Tock brand) during a rushed trip to Waitrose. I didn’t expect it to be anything special, just wanted one more variety so we’d have plenty to choose from at home (as you can tell, I like caffeine-free tea because I usually drink it right before bed).

I had drank rooibos tea before, but it’s always had some kind of citrus or other fruit added (I’ve had blueberry rooibos tea, for example). This tea is just plain rooibos with nothing else added, but it absolutely blew me away. It is so incredibly flavorful. I can taste fruit, and cinnamon, and hints of other spices. I don’t need to sweeten it because it has natural sweetness as well. I drink tea but I don’t usually crave it, but this tea is an exception.

Thinking about how delicious it is makes me want another mug right now (and I already had one earlier!). Well done, Tick Tock! (I actually just visited the company’s home page for the first time and discovered that they make ONLY rooibos tea, grown in the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa, and that they are “Britain’s favourite rooibos tea”. That does not surprise me one bit… these guys clearly know what they’re doing!). Britain’s favourite rooibos tea is now my favorite tea, period. 🙂



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Snowy days mean lots of tea

It snowed this week! The first snowfall of the season. At first it was fleeting, though– there was a dusting on Wednesday morning and a heavier cover on Thursday morning, but all of that had melted by Thursday evening. Then it snowed on and off all day Friday! And when there’s snow, there is tea.


I wasn’t much of a tea drinker before I lived in Estonia. I only drank it when I was sick or occasionally in Chinese restaurants, but I wasn’t a huge fan. But the dark, cold days of the Estonian winter made me crave something warm to drink to help get rid of the chill. Hot chocolate is too rich to drink several times a day, and I’m sensitive to caffeine so one cup of coffee per day is pretty much my limit. So I turned to tea. I drank it because it seemed like a good idea, and it grew on me. Now I enjoy it, and I’m not just drinking it out of apparent necessity. Fruit teas are my favorite, but I also drink green, black, chai, etc.

And a few days ago I tried the chocolate chip tea that Stephanie sent to me in my Blogging by Mail package for the first time. Look at this stuff– do you see the tiny chocolate chips??


It certainly smelled like chocolate, and the taste was interesting– the strength and bitterness of black tea with the flavor of chocolate but none of the richness. It’s a bit disorienting. The chocolate flavor is reminiscent of chocolate syrup. Milk seemed like a natural accompaniment to give it a bit of creaminess; I also added a little sugar. I’m happy to have this to add some variety to my tea selection this winter.

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