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Not what I had in mind

When I wrote the other day about noticing and appreciating what is new, interesting or surprising in my life, this is not what I had in mind.

In Estonia, snow in April is honestly not that surprising. It’s happened at least once during the time that I’ve lived here. But for the past few weeks the air has felt so warm and it’s smelled like spring. Everyone seemed so hopeful and happy that the most lovely time of year was upon us, but as it turned out, winter wasn’t quite done with us yet. At least I get to go on vacation soon…

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It’s a strange thing

Even though the temperature in Tallinn this past week has stayed fairly steady around -1 C (30 F) and I’m still walking around wearing this coat:

(Photo taken in Stockholm, where it was much colder than -1 C)

… I’ve still been feeling that spring is in the air! Funny how living in Estonia has changed my perception of the seasons. When I lived in the States, signs of spring used to mean t-shirt weather and flowers blooming. Now it means I’m slightly less freezing and it’s no longer dark out when I leave work at 5 pm!

(Be back with another London post tomorrow!)

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