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Do you see that plate of Wagamama noodles in the last post? That was the last warm sit-down meal I had while I was in London (on Thursday night, and I was there until Sunday). Yeah, things got busy. I still ate oatmeal for breakfast every morning, so I guess that counts as a warm meal, but lunch and dinner were whatever I could grab when I had the chance.

Friday I was actually in an office all day, doing my regular everyday work. I had a Starbucks latte in the morning and later when my tummy started rumbling I had this Greek yogurt with honey and granola from Starbucks.

I was surprised by how good it was! The granola had chunks of chewy dried fruit in it and the sweet honey balanced out the tart yogurt (though I did leave some honey on the bottom so it wouldn’t get too sticky-sweet). Later I took a walk and got a little cup of Superfood Salad from Marks & Spencer– I didn’t get a picture of it but as I remember it had couscous, chickpeas, edamame, some vegetables, and parsley in a vinaigrette dressing. So those things, plus three of the delicious chocolate chocolate-chip cookies I was offered at work, made up my lunch. Later that day I managed to eat a wrap filled with pumpkin and goat cheese (yummy combination!), some Estonian candies, and a glass of wine. Those things equaled dinner.

The next day was similar: oatmeal for breakfast, yogurt and a ham and cheese croissant from Pret a Manger for lunch, and some orange juice and a bean wrap from Costa Coffee for dinner (do not recommend! It was incredibly boring). I never thought it would be possible to lose weight while in London, but this time I probably did, because I did so much walking and relatively little eating! The one thing I am thankful for is the amazing variety of food that’s available to-go (or takeaway, as the Brits would say) in London. Pretty much anything you can imagine! So while I may not have had the most filling meals, at least I had an interesting time picking out my snacks :-).

That last evening in London I also snacked on this yummy chocolate chip cookie from Waitrose:

It was quite good; not too sugary and with a warm toasted flavor. I wish I could have these for a midnight snack more often (I also wished I’d brought another one for the plane the next day). While I didn’t have a cookie, I did have this wrap from Waitrose that I bought ahead of time so I wouldn’t have to buy any overpriced food at the Copenhagen airport, where I had my layover. The wrap was really tasty with a lot of fresh arugula (rocket) in it, but I was mystified when I looked at the ingredients list and saw mayonnaise. Why does a wrap with flavorful pesto on it need mayonnaise?

Third wrap in three days. Thank goodness for convenient food.

This was one of my first glimpses into the world of work travel (the last time I traveled for work I was in Brussels for a month, so that was more long-term and relaxed). It was a whirlwind and I had to learn to go with the flow and eat when I could, because later I may not have the chance. I’m generally a more scheduled kind of person, but I can adapt to a different situation as long as there’s a reason for it. As exhausting as the trip was, it was also so fun– I love London and just being there gave me so much energy.

I bought a ton of food souvenirs home for me and J but I just realized that I haven’t photographed any of them, so I’ll post on those another time. Believe me, though– I bought plenty of the great stuff London has to offer back to Estonia with me!


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Strawberry Deli

My fiance’s mother is well aware of my strawberry obsession and bought me these awesome chocolate-covered freeze-dried strawberries on the boat from Helsinki to Tallinn when they came for Christmas. Both bags have of course been consumed, so here comes a review!

There were two different kinds, milk chocolate and yogurt. The product is made in the Netherlands and in the top right-hand corner of the front of the package it says “Green-All-Natural”, which sort of looks more like a brand name than a claim (but a glance at the ingredients reveals that they are indeed all natural).

I was surprised by how big they were! Each one is a whole freeze-dried strawberry with a healthy coating of chocolate or yogurt. The milk chocolate was very, very sweet. It was tempered somewhat by the natural tartness of the crispy, light-as-air strawberry in the center, but overall the sugar was still too much. They actually made my teeth hurt. In a few of them I came across strawberries that weren’t completely dried and retained some chewiness (they still tasted fine).

The yogurt coating was also quite sweet, but ultimately I found it less overwhelming than the milk chocolate. The berry and coating were somehow in better harmony (of course– berries and cream are a natural combination!). Their size, sweetness and the resealable bag mean that even the small 100 g bag could last a while, as it only takes one or two of these unique “candies” to satisfy a sweets craving.

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